Corporate Wellness

“People who are happy at work are 31% more productive, sell 37% more and are three times more creative. They make better  team players, handle change more effectively, become more positive and are much more engaged.” Amanda Gore, Joy Expert

Occupational Care South Africa and Statistics South Africa released the shock statistic that the country was losing R16-billion a year to absenteeism. Around 15% of employees were absent on any given day. Meanwhile on the continent, the greatest problem is that of teacher absenteeism. This impacts education, which in turn impacts the long-term productivity of the workforce.

There is a clear link between employee well-being, productivity and absenteeism.

Global certifier the Top Employers Institute has found that multinational companies with operations throughout Africa have dramatically reduced their absenteeism rates through targeting employee well-being, and that there is a correlation between offering such employee benefits and a lower rate of absenteeism.

Globally there’s been a big increase in the use of mindfulness training in the workplace. This has been driven by the increasing scientific research into mindfulness meditation that has confirmed the positive effects produced by mindfulness training.

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation in the workplace:

Reduced Costs: By learning how to reduce stress, organisations will reduce absenteeism which in turn will reduce costs
Increase Profits: Companies in the “Best Companies To Work For” category for a 4-year period increased
their profits by 315% (Source: Aon Hewitt)
Improve Productivity: The brain at positive is 31% more productive than the brain at negative, neutral or
stressed (Source: University of Wisconsin)
Culture: Workplace mindfulness training programs can help improve relationships between employees and also with your customers. The ability of a leader to be compassionate has the greatest correlation with profitability and
productivity (Source: Australian Graduate School of Management)

“The results of over 200 scientific studies on nearly 275,000 people – found that happiness leads to success in nearly
every domain of our lives, including marriage, health, friendship, community involvement, creativity and in particular,
our jobs, careers and business. Data abounds and shows that happy workers have higher levels of productivity,
produce higher sales, perform better in leadership positions and receive higher performance ratings and higher pay,
they also enjoy more job security and are less likely to take sick days, to quit or become burned out.” From The
Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor, who studied this at Harvard Business School.

We offer various workshops and programs to suit your organisation’s culture and needs:

  • A one-off practical mindfulness workshop
  • A series of relaxation and mindfulness classes that will give staff the knowledge and tools for long-term benefits.